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Casa Mono Tití - squirrel monkey house
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Guest Book
"our Guests Say it Best"

(formerly Géminis del Pacífico) - squirrel monkeys visit our home daily

21-28 February 2010

What a fantastic time we had - AGAIN! We stayed at your beautiful home several years back and had the opportunity to return.
We loved waking up to the monkeys jumping from the trees to the roofs, and the 4 am "Howler" monkey alarm greeted us every morning.
The canopy safari was a blast and the photo's will be cherished for years to come. Although catching the Kingsail (est 7' footer/80 lbs.) was by far my highlight.
Thank you again for loaning us your beautiful home. It's scenic view couldn't be beat. I am sure to return for visit #3 in our future.
Pat & Lorrie Richardson
Woodstock, IL and Cape Coral, FL

February 2010

Pete & Terry
Our first time to Costa Rica & what an experience. The views are gorgeous, as is your home. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation.
Everyone should try the canopy safari. The memories will last a lifetime. The boys were adventurous & headed into town & hired locals to take them fishing. An experience they will never forget.
The people of Costa Rica could not have been kinder.
Agua Azul was our favorite restaurant/hang-out. Never a bad meal & the staff took great care of us.
We'll be back someday!!
Wally & Karen Tynis
Randy & Laurie Kief - McHenry, Illinois

28 February 2009

We loved the accommodations at Geminis del Pacifico. The home, the view, all it had to offer was wonderful. We will recommend to others that may decide to go to Costa Rica and do plan on returning. Our schedule is very hectic so it may not be for a year or two. We had a guide for the week so did not call on the House Manager very often other than to see how to dial home. He was very helpful. Thanks and we will contact you upon our return Manuel Antonio. Thanks.
Bergeron / Schmitt – Louisiana USA

18 Feb 2009

We’ve had a fantastic week here at Geminis. We came here for our wedding at Playitis and a reception here at the house. Thomas was very helpful organizing and the cook made an incredible meal & wedding cake. Everything about our stay was perfect.

The zipline tour was fantastic, the guys spent a full day on deep sea fishing charter and caught 2 Mahi Mahi (Dorado) and a 150 lb. sailfish. The horseback riding trip was an adventure – make sure to ask for a horse that fits your disposition. We spent 2 days at the beach & had beautiful sunsets both times. Be a bit cautious of the little blue Portuguese Man-of-war, they sting.

The monkeys here were amazing – we saw all 3 kinds and heard the howlers welcome us the 1st morning and send us off our last morning. Thank you all for making our wedding a very memorable experience.

Lahryn, Hannah & Brent Spencer – Michigan USA

This place was so nice, enjoyed our stay. The highlight was my son’s wedding on the beach. The sunset was so pretty for this great couple. The monkeys were so entertaining. We loved to watch them and have a ton of monkey pictures. The people were so nice and friendly and Thomas was just great arranging everything for us. The weather was such a nice change from the snow we left. My week here with all our friends will be a week I will never forget.

Charles & Kathy Spencer – Michigan USA

24 July 2008

Had a great time! Monkeys are fab! Love the house. Airplane restaurant is over rated and over priced. No Bueno. Best place in town, Pizza Rica on top of hill across street. Aqua Azul no gay friendly! Must go white water rafting **** Curtain in upstairs bathroom. Can see neighborhood while poo & showerhead falling off. Monkeys made me like Costa Rica. The maid is wonderful.

England Group – Houston, TX USA

15 Dec 2007

Pete & Terry, What a great trip!! Your home is just the Best!! We loved all the tours. The water rafting one was the best tour. But just being here drinking & relaxing with a good book was the best time!! Again thank you.

Stilwell Group – Palm Springs, CA USA

22 Nov 2007

What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy Costa Rica & Manuel Antonio with our whole family! We enjoyed your beautiful house and your gracious staff who kept the house spotless and us feeling well cared for and safe.

The “hill” for exercise balanced our good appetite and wonderful food, especially in Quepos at Muchandos and aboard the Calypso. The poolside patio and grill were a bonus we enjoyed thoroughly as we viewed the beautiful Pacific and playful monkeys. We couldn’t have picked a better place unless it was one with a zipline through to the beach. Thanks.

Vernon Family – VA USA

19 June 2007

Hola Pete and Terry. Wow, what a jaw-dropping place you have here. From the moment we touched down in this jungle-rainforest-ocean paradise, it’s been non-stop fun, but at a wonderfully relaxing pace. Here’s our favorites: Canopy safari – easy and loads of laughs; MA national park – awesome beach and animals; ATV tour to beautiful waterfall, lunch and shopping at Soda de Mango on the beach with great BBQ chicken; Pizza Nappoli – wine, great Caesar salad and pizza by the pool; Delicious rice & beans & plantains just about everywhere.

Okay, enough about food. Just hanging around the pool at the casa, we saw howlers, about 30 mono Titis, the white-faced monkeys and even a 3-toed sloth right on the railing next to the hammock! Coming from the streets of busy Chicago, it’s hard to believe this is real and not a beautiful movie set. A mesmerizing view, comfortable accommodations, a lovely staff and ideally situated… it all added up to a perfect family vacation for us. Thank you so, so much. Of course, we’ll be back.

Ivcich Family – IL USA

16 Apr 2006

The house was wonderful. The kids swam all day, Marisol cooked two wonderful meals and we truly enjoyed your little bit of paradise. Thanks.

Jay, Barbara & the gang

17 Mar 2006

Pete & Terry,
We came here seeking a relaxing vacation and we are leaving completely satisfied! The house is wonderful and in a perfect location, just a short walk from many restaurants. While here, we went white water rafting and did a canopy tour, which were both great. The best part of the vacation though was lazing around the pool, sunning and reading books and, of course, our daily afternoon visits from the monkeys. We saw a lot of mono titis, a few white-face and saw (and heard) a howler. The real treat was a couple of the mono titis carrying babies on their backs! Now, time to head back to reality although we are very rested and rejuvenated. We love Costa Rica and hope to return soon. Thanks for everything!

Joe & Dale, Portland OR

23 Feb 2006

Everyone had an amazing experience here. Our first day we saw the sloth out on the terrace, but unfortunately we did not see any monkeys out on the terrace the entire trip. But, we went to the park and saw all 3 different kinds. That was definitely the best part of the trip! We went surfing!

Owner’s note: The monkeys usually visit the house in the early morning hours and around sunset. The more time our guests spend on tours, the beach, etc., the less likely it is that they will see wildlife at the house. Rise early for the best opportunity for viewing.

Orlando, Valerie, Ellen, Yoon, Dan & Todd

2 Jan 2006

We had a wonderful stay at your beautiful house. Everything was perfect. We too saw the monkeys crossing through. The sloth are fascinating. We spent many hours watching the mom and baby sloth. They spent most of the week in the tree beside the house. They were joined by another sloth later in the week. We saw many birds from the patio. These included hummingbirds, two squirrel cuckoos, a roadside hawk and even a turquoise browed Mot Mot. Some things not in the guide book: Go to Manuel Antonio early and be prepared to wait in line. It is totally worth the wait. We saw monkeys, sloth, iguana, crabs, agouti, raccoons, bats, birds, Fer-de-lance viper and a caiman. They don’t sell water or food in the park. There are coolers in the kitchen that work great or you can leave for lunch and get back in if you save your ticket. Marisol makes the best BEST cerviche. We had a delightful dinner. The food was amazing and Marisol is so sweet. Rainmaker tour was beautiful. The wildlife is not as dense as Manuel Antonio. We were able to see more frogs, lizards and bugs. Our kids loved it. The lunch there is a great traditional Costa Rican meal. The bridges are dizzying and fun. We like Karolas for their fancy cocktails, smoothies (w/ ice cream) and fresh fish. Their garden is pretty too. Thanks to Liseth for cleaning our always messy messes. Also she is so sweet with the kids.

[Owner’s note: The guests visited MA National Park during the busiest week (between Christmas & New Years. Going early is always a good idea, but the wait is usually not long. Unfortunately, Karolas has now closed]

It has been a delightful week with our whole family of ten. Grandparents got to the tree top room and could get quiet time when needed. You have thought of everything here to make our vacation great!

We had an amazing vacation and saw so many animals while staying at your beautiful house. Everyone felt well taken care of and pampered. The kids loved all of the toys in the soaking tub. You really thought of everything! Ciao.

Laura Kay, Jonathan, Maive, Curus, Ron, Rita, Kay, Heather, Christer, Beck, Taro

1 Jan, 2006

We very much enjoyed staying here. It was everything we hoped for and more. Thanks for sharing it with us. We have enjoyed Costa rica - so many experiences ... the monkeys! the beach! and earthquake [5.1 not a problem] our tours horseback riding and rafting! The people here are friendly and welcoming. The weather was great. All in all, a very special time for our family.
All the best - Happy New Year -
P. C. & W's

26-Nov - 3-Dec , 2005

Pete and Terry -
Your houses are beautiful! You are wonderful hosts and guides. We loved each of our adventures from the canopy tours, horseback riding, hiking, body surfing, rainmaking and snorkeling. Had excellent meals by Marisol. There was truly something for each of us and our varied interests. Thank you and best of luck with the grand opening of Casa Mono Congo.
The Chicago/Austin Chicas

19 Nov, 2005

Wow! What a wonderful home you have. We enjoyed our time in this amazing country and hope to come back very soon. Good luck with your new house, thank you for everything
The J. CA Clan

11 Nov, 2005

Thank you for the great memories, beautiful view, the excellent hospitality and great home. I had an amazing time in Costa Rica with this house as the home away from home. The monkeys in the backyard was a wonderful surprise and I'm glad that you are protecting their natural habitat, as you build your next home around the trees.
This is definitely a vacation I will never forget with great friends and a calm wedding even though there were some unplanned events. The canopy tour was a thrilling experience and I definitely want to try that again.
Liz (Toronto)

This was a perfect place for our vacation in Costa Rica! The house had everything we needed. Pete was great at answering our questions. We were able to see howler monkeys, as well as the mono titis. It was great spending time on the deck. The weather and the view were great as we enjoyed breakfast on the deck. Overall, our trip here has been truly amazing. ...
Pura Vida!
Nicole & Eric (Toronto)

It is our first time at Costa rica and the Géminis del Pacífico villa has definitely helped in perfecting the memories. The view from the upper bedroom every morning is magnificent. The house is also close to the amenities and public transportation. We had fun traveling to the beach and to Quepos just by ¢105! We would love to come back to Costa rica and back to this house in the future...
Katy & Jason Lee

Hi Pete,
Our stay here at Géminis and in Manuel Antonio was wonderful! A week was definitely too short to explore everything, but I'm sure we'll all come back again at some point. The memories from here are something we'll cherish and hold onto for the rest of our lives. Thank you very much for everything and letting us stay in your beautiful home.
Krystyne M & Scott C

30 July 2005

Terry & Pete-

Thank you so much for letting us stay in your house for a week! We all were so excited to see a monkey sitting on our house. It was amazing. The view is just gorgeous. The horseback and rafting trip was a blast. Thank you so much! - The W's

26 July 2005

My stay here isn't over yet, but so far it is excellent! I highly recommend the white water rafting trip w/ amigos del Rio. It was a blast. Even my 5 yr old brother liked it. The pool is just so relaxing. I love Costa Rica! I was here when I was about 4 but now I'm 11. When I was 4 I knew a lot of spanish. I forgot all of it now. Darn it! LOL Well gotta go to bed. buh-bye!
- Maryna

Terry & Pete-
Thank you so much for letting us us stay in your house for a week! We all were so excited to see a monkey sitting on our house. It was amazing. The view is just gorgeous! The horseback and rafting trip was a blast. - Thank you so much!

Thank you for a fabulous Getaway. Pura Vida.
P. S. Marisol "the cook" is a must! She is awesome and very creative!

16 July 2005

The house was Great!!!
We had a blast making cacique & fruit smoothies w/ the fruit basket. The mono's came by a few times & were very fun to watch. We also enjoyed keeping tabs on the slow moving sloth & her baby. If anyone reads this.. definitely do the canopy tour!!! Also, the ATV tour was very fun. Despite rain every afternoon, the week was great & the pool was put to good use. We can't begin to say how much we enjoyed hanging out on the patio & taking in the view. Finally we all loved Liseth. She was very helpful, extremely nice and super hot! The place was incredible!!! I'd recommend it to anyone. Can't wait to return.
Pura Vida
Bruce, Kjell, Arn, Beth, Mary - Chicago, IL

20 June - 3 July, 2005

We had a wonderful time and your house was perfect for our family. Great & wonderful time was had by everyone. We loved the monkey show and have many wonderful pictures. Only complaint was the walk way up and down but the house and monkeys made it worth it.
Joe, JoAnne, Angela, Curtis, Curt, and Carlos

We loved the house and location except for the steep driveway, We had a wonderful time and saw lots of those cute monkeys. The house was perfect for us and my son's partner cooked us fabulous meals there..... A good time was had by all.

30 April - 7 May, 2005

What a wonderful amazing home, the view, the daily visits from the monkeys, everything and more than we expected!! "Paradise" We will return again, only next time we'll bring 20 and have to rent both houses. Liseth was such a joy to see her smiling face daily. We hate to leave, We could get accustomed to this beautiful country.
Donnie & Shad, Linville, NC

Costa Rica is amazingly beautiful! Ten of us from North Carolina stayed in this wonderful house and really enjoyed it! The architect and decorator (was that Pete & Terry?) did a fantastic job-beautiful, unusual, and livably comfortable. The monkeys paid us several visits and seemed to like the deck around the pool & the big palm growing through the deck. The location here is very beautiful- the ocean view and the "rainforest" - as well as near the things we wanted to see.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay, we hate to leave, and we want to come back!
Joe & Teri, Gerald & Donetta - Newland, NC

I have fell in love with this house, town, area, country and especially the people. The wildlife and scenery are incredible. These have been the best 7 days I have spent in my life. It is times like these that make all the hard work and personal pains and set backs seem not to matter. Everything was excellent and I am looking forward to returning to this beautiful piece of God's creation.
Jimmy - Linville, NC - Thank you Terry & Pete
PS Lisette is the greatest. We all fell in love with her and her beautiful smile.

I have always wanted to see monkeys in the wild. Not only did I get to see the monkeys my husband and I saw several different ones. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The people here are so nice. Not only have we made friends in Cosat Rica, but made lots of memories. I don't want to leave. Thanks to everyone who made this beautiful trip possible.
Your friends, Jay & Joy - Newland, NC

2 April 2005

Dear Terry & Pete:
As our stay in your home comes to an end, we are beginning to mope! The week has been amazing. Where else can you take up residence with a friendly sloth & her baby (which we name "Manuel") as well as 3 types of monkeys?
We enjoyed visits from toucans & became friendly bed-fellows with the reptile population. Some of our crew ventured out to snag 2 tuna & a 7 foot sail fish. hopefully, Thomas & Listette enjoyed their share of the tuna. Speaking of whom, both were remarkably helpful. We especially loved Lisette' breakfasts! When she prepared the breakfast, it became a special event of the day that our kids as well as the adults looked forward to.
Thanks for the great suggestions for the Canopy Tour, MASS & horseback riding. All were highlights of the week. Thomas was right: it was well worth the time to take the longer horse excursion, venturing deeper into the rainforest & bathing in the pristine water of the falls.
Now we're on our way home to sign up for Spanish classes so we can communicate with everyone in Español next time.
Kathryn, Nick, Ana(8), Miles(7), Jadon(<1) & Jim, Zan, Ty(14), & Tina(8)
PS Monkeys came by for daily visits & we're pleased to say that they did so without being fed. Does anyone appreciate our efforts to be environmentally conscious, or have we merely created another Tico group which regards us a cheap americans?

[Note: The monkeys appreciate you not feeding them. Their immune systems are very delicate and can contract diseases from human hands. - Readers notice that the monkeys come by even though they are not fed!-Pete]

11 March, 2005

Pete & Terry,
The place was lovely! Your internet photos can't begin to bring justice to the real views. We had monkeys nearly everyday - both white-faced & mono titis and one day both types at the same time. Already talking about our next trip. Thanks so much for the hospitality. Ridgfield, Conn., Baltimore, MD USA

The week has come and gone and unfortunately this is a past tense deal now. I absolutely loved that vacation. The house could not have been more lovely..and I will never forget that view from the third story bedroom. It was so pretty ... I'd rent your house again in a new york minute! The country is beautiful, the locals are so helpful...we are enamored with the country and will be back as soon as we can possibly get there. Thanks again and it was so nice to meet you. Your dog looks so much like ours - cutie patootey!
Thanks again,

6 March 2005

Dear Terry and Pete,
Well, [our] families have made it safely back to snowy and cold NH. We are one sad group! My daughter Sarah in particular is miserable and complained every waking moment on our travel home!
We had another great time at your home and in Costa Rica. It truly is difficult to find the words to express how we feel. Everything was just wonderful! We felt so at home with this being our second trip.
Marisol, Lisette, and Thomas are terrific! Marisol in particular is delightful! And her cooking is outstanding! Breakfast, too, was great!
Only one disappointment of the week - we didn't get to meet you :-( Next time!
Thanks again for everything!

14 August 2004

Dear Pete & Terry
What a wonderful encore visit! The house is even lovelier than I remember - or maybe it's just the Costa Rican lifestyle!
We enjoyed it all - especially the sailing trip & rainmaker tour. Lilliana, Marisol & Thomas took good care of all of us - Marisol's cooking is outstanding, and what a delight to talk with.
Hope we get an opportunity to return.
Pura Vida! - Trish
PS Great to meet you both in person!

6 August 2004

Bryan, Deborah, Julia, Anna, Ryan & Elizabeth spent lovely relaxing days here in this tropical garden spot. Lazy days spent at the pool sipping cuba libres & Imperial. Great massage with Randy at Sea Glass just up the road. Good food at the oasis, Karolas, Balu etc. Thanks to all of the home's staff for making our stay special.
Pura Vida!

1 August 2004

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful honeymoon spot. We would have never dreamed of coming to Costa Rica on our own. The wildlife and plants here are absolutely amazing. The house is so much more than we could have imagined. The pictures do not even begin to describe the beauty. We had so many adventures, but still feel so relaxed. Thank you so much for sharing your second home with us.
We could have never thought our honeymoon would be so wonderful.
Thanks again,
Jennifer and Pat -(your sabrina and el spousa)

13 July 2004

We have spent quite a bit of time in Costa Rica and I have to say this house was a great find! We particularly appreciated the fresh fruit, well equipped kitchen, and the nice linens and beach towels you provided.
The titi monkeys lined up along the fence for us and the capuchins showed-off for us in the garden below the terrace.
Thanks too for providing internet service. We hope to be back in a few years. We really enjoyed staying in your beautiful house! Thanks for giving us some great Costa Rica memories.
Marilyn & Kirk
Kole & Micah - Roswell, Georgia

25 June 2004

We just had a wonderful, fun-filled exciting week here and are sad to leave this beautiful and friendly country. The house was very comfortable, especially when there were fierce evening thunderstorms. We just lit the oil lamps and listened to the rain. The first evening here we were entertained by a troop of about 3 dozen squirrel monkeys. We were sitting on the deck and they started at the left side of the house, made their way through the banana trees across the rail in front of us and up into the trees on the right side. They scrambled through the trees to the top of the house. We were greatly entertained! Liliana and Marisol kept us well fed and cooked breakfasts and dinners to our requests. The best restaurant we visited was Mi Lugar (Ronnie's place) - great steak! Rainmaker & canopy tours were both informative and fun. We also spotted many birds (Aricari, hummers, frigate birds) the 3-toed sloth in the tree off the patio, lizards, capuchin monkeys. Our biggest surprise one night was the howler monkey. We never saw him but he was a frequent visitor. We hope to make it back to Géminis del Pacífico and Costa Rica soon!
Maureen & Dave - Evergreen Colorado;
Greg & Tammie - San Angelo, TX

12-19 April 2004

Pete & Terry
We had a wonderful time at your beautiful home. The location on the hill is unique and picturesque. Thomas was great and the cook Marisol was also wonderful.
We had a very active time here. Busy every day, rafting, canopy tour, Antonio Manuel tour, kayaking, fishing. Everyone is so friendly.
Sue, John, Jane, Erica Chicago, IL (drawn smiling sun)

28 Feb - 28 Mar 2004

This place is cool. I have seen so much stuff thanks. Sulin
Hi, we are the K/A family. We are from Minneapolis, MN. My mom, Jane, has been here for a month, as for my sister and I, we have been here 2 weeks. The house is wonderful and I wish that we could stay here for much longer. The wildlife is so interesting all the animals and plant are a lot more colorful than Minnesota's. We planed many events such as hike with a guide in Manuel Antonio and 4x4 trips into the mountains. We have seen lots of animals, my favorite was either the green black dart frogs or the white-nosed coati. In the yard we have seen: sloths, titis, capuchin monkey, coatis, and many birds one being a fiery-billed Aracari. We are so glad that you have shared this house with us. We will defeenetly return. Sincerely, Tim, Sulin & Jane.
Thank you Terry and Pete. This was a wonderful spot for my sabbatical. The staff was so helpful and friendly. My kids enjoyed practicing their Spanish with them. Tim (age 12) and Ervin really hit it off - Today I caught them scheming to find a tico boyfriend for me so we could move here! (Almost tempting!)
For the next visitors I would highly recommend hiring a private guide to go into the mountains in a 4x4. The wildlife sightings were amazing - Toucans everywhere, 6 foot long iguanas too!
The sunset at Barba Rojas can not be beat.
Great mojitos at El Patio in Quepos.
Finally, the beach, Playa de Rey was exquisite. Worth the one hour drive. Huge sand dollars!
Jane, Minneapolis, MN USA

16 Feb 2004

Thanks for thinking of all possible details for your guests, from the very useful information pre-visit to the nice thick towels here.
For other visitors we recommend Bambu Jam (French restaurant) with great live jazz Friday evenings; renting kayaks at the beach & paddling out to the rocks offshore. The drive out to Playa del Rey which also provides an opportunity to see local community; the butterfly garden opposite Hotel Si Como No. Cantina Salsipuesdes for sunset tapas on the patio.
Pat & Anne Anderson, Calgary, Alberta
Leith & Geoff, Houston, Kirstin & Sean, Hermosa Beach.
Try Bakery Pan Aldo in Quepos for great cheese bread & portable beach snacks.

1-8 Feb 2004

Pete & Terry,
After a week and a half of – 30° C, it was just wonderful to find ourselves in Costa Rica and this great house of yours. We much prefer + 30 °C!
We enjoyed the flora, the fauna, the vistas but most of all the warm people of the area.
Thank you to Thomas, Lilliana, and Marisol for looking after us so well.
Suzette Roy, Terry , Edmonton Alberta, Canada
P. S. We found the hiring of a guide on our first visit to Manuel Antonio Park to be a few colones well spent – without the unique knowledge and high powered telescope provided by the guide we would have missed seeing most of the birds and animals we came to see.

30 Jan 2004

Terry & Pete
Thank you a lot for letting us stay in your house. It is beautiful. I especially liked the coffee stained sheets. I fell in love with them. The view was incredible and amazing to wake up to. The tile in the pool was very artistic and was a great way to cool off after a long hot day. The location is great too. The beach is close by the restaurants are great. There is a grocery store in walking distance.
We also enjoyed the monkeys coming between 4:30 and 5:30 some of the days. It was really exciting. ....
We did a lot of activities while we were here including the titi canopy tour, sunset sailing, fishing on the sword fish (+great!!), going to the national park going into town, and taking a tour in the swampy area of the rain forest (Damas Island/Mangrove). I highly recommend the titi canopy tour near the quepos airport. It was my favorite thing. It was also nice having a spa close by and places with great deserts too.
We also enjoyed great food. Thomas helped us feel at home and booked a chef to come to the house and cook for us.
Well thanks for letting us stay at your house. We had lots of fun and memories to last a lifetime. -Maryland, USA Jan 24-31-2004
PS - Anne, Bill, Will, Brad, Mary Clare and the Rest of the Maney's Barbara & Michael Had a great time too!

15 May 2003

What can I say? The house was everything you said and more. Costa Rica is gorgeous. I never thought I would ever see a country as green as Ireland was, but I did. After a four hour drive from San Jose(the directions were great) we thought it was wonderful. Little did we know we couldn't even see all the wonder till daylight the next day. Liliana was a gem. So efficient and friendly without ever getting in the way.
I have already given the web site to someone to look at and would not hesitate to recommend the property. By the end of the week I also thought of it as "its my casa".
On the practical side there are a few comments I would like to share. There was no problem for us doing all the stairs down and up to the villa but we almost had my sister in law come and she has bad asthma and never would have been able to do them. You might want to mention them somewhere in your web site. Also there is no mention that you have to go outside the house to enter the third floor bedroom.. That was actually my room. I loved it dearly and the views from up there each morning were unbelievable. However the girls that were suppose to have that room didn't want to have to go out of the house. (Their loss was my gain)
My favorite time of day was late afternoon. We would sit on the terrace and wait for the monkeys to come. They came and played 5 out of our 7 nights. It was truly a wonderful experience. I also have to say that I haven't seen that many brilliant stars in years. You have a wonderful place to return to again and again. I hope I get to return soon. Thanks for a wonderful trip.

4 January 2003

We have been looking forward to this trip for so long. We can only say it's been all we had hoped for and more! We feel totally spoiled! Everyone is so friendly and so helpful. in addition, this has been the most adventure-packed vacation this group has ever had. The green guidebook [provided in the house] was referred to on a daily basis and Thomas' advice was always right-on - helping us to make the best of our week in Manuel Antonio: Playa del Rey, Playa Manuel Antonio, rafting, canopy tours, deep sea fishing, treatments at the spa - all excellent!
Pero, los monos estuvieron mejor y nos gustan mucho.
I think we'd love to be back some day, and could recommend Géminis del Pacífico to anyone. Thank you to all the staff and to Terry and Pete for their help in preparing us - We couldn't have asked for a better trip to kick off our year.
All the Best. Pura Vida!

Indiana University Alumni - Alex, Shannon, Mark, Geoff, Bo, Allison, Mark Aimee & Stefan - 27-Dec-02 - 4-Jan-03

27 December 2002

Pura vida! The house was just stupendous. Very fine accommodations and resources. The pool temperature was perfect. Weather couldn't have been better. Amazing view and the monkeys - oh, were they ever a sight! We can't wait to return.
The kitchen was very well-equipped and the cook did an excellent preparation job. We thoroughly enjoyed her choices.The maid, also, did a superb job, daily. Thank you to both for making our stay all the more pleasant.

B and P - Christmas 2002

3 July 2002

We did indeed find that Géminis del Pacífico exceeded our expectations, and we had HUGE expectations! Your home was truly wonderful. My family was so delighted to see, when we arrived, a family of squirrel monkeys on the roof, and they kept peeking at us through the palm fronds on the back deck. My son-in-law, who is a doctor here... , has, believe it or not, never stayed in a truly elegant place. ...during college he worked for Habitat For Humanity and worked his way through medical school. He and my daughter stayed in the room at the top and, the first morning after we arrived I heard him announce "Leean will be descending soon - she would like her coffee ready" in a butler-like tone.
Thomas was very kind and helpful... Lilianna was darling - the gardens were beautiful, amenities wonderful (by the way, your brochure does NOT do the house justice - and the new paint job is gorgeous - we loved the colors)
Again, thank you soooo much for the use of your lovely home - it was truly the highlight of our trip. I have never treated myself to such luxury and it was a wonderful treat. Not only was it luxurious, but it felt comfortable and homey at the same time - that isn't always easy to accomplish. ... All in all, just wonderful.

Jane - 19-22 June, 2002

10 June 2002

My family had a wonderful time; it was our first visit to Costa Rica and we'll be back! I've been very impressed with your help and responsiveness in planning our trip. Your attentiveness was very much appreciated!
Thomas was helpful with items regarding the house, but we didn't really plan any tours. He was friendly and answered all our questions. Liliana did a great job cleaning the house; she was there for many hours! We liked her attention to detail--replacing the old flower arrangement with fresh flowers, etc. The flowers and fruit were a nice surprise : )
The gardens were immaculate. And you were right--we didn't need a car rental after all. The buses and taxis were a good way of getting around.

Marissa - 1-8 June, 2002

28 May 2002

If you ever have someone who can't make up their mind, have them contact me. I'm sure I'll be able to convince them to come to your house. We loved it and will be back. --- We lived on your deck. Just beautiful.
Paul and Aileen - 18-25 May, 2002

My wife and I had a great time at Géminis del Pacífico last week. The wildlife was magnificent, the food was great, and the house was fantastic. (I'm sorry I brought a key back to the states with us - I think it was a sub-conscious wish!)
Paul & Cara - 18-25 May, 2002

20 May 2002

Buenos Dias Seniors,
We had a lovely time at your villa in Costa Rica. We feel very much rested as we so hoped. The Villa was so beautiful. It is a true paradise as you described in all your emails to me. The web site and brochures do not do it justice. Though they did well enough to sell us on choosing your property.
Lilianna was a sweetheart. She did her work with care and efficiency. She taught me spanish and I taught her english in our conversations that were sometimes more like charades. She is a treasure and we feel you are very lucky to have her working for you both and all of your guests.
Thomas was there to greet us and came to make sure we didn't need anything on a regular basis. He did come and rescue us with a new coffee pot when the old one had a hard time working. We spent 90% of our time at your villa and didn't need him for tours and such. We know that he would have been most helpful if we were on a vacation to really be tourists and go do all that the area had to offer. But we really didn't need his services other then stated above. He was very sweet and friendly and it was a comfort that he was around if we did need his help.
We loved the bus system and Quepos and Manuel Antonio. The national park and the butterfly place were beautiful and fun to go see.
The people were friendly and helpful. Not knowing much spanish didn't make it hard to get around or communicate with the locals. A calculator translated Colones into $s when ever we needed it. Just when I was getting it down we had to leave. I was even understanding some spanish. People would smile and say good day or hello as you passed them, a lot like it is here in Maine and unlike most busy cities in the states. So it was very much like home with its atmosphere of family and slow paced living. We acclimated very easily.
Pura Vida to you both.

Doreen, Wade, Phil, Judy, Kay - 3-17 May, 2002

13 May 2002

Terry and Pete - We had a wonderful time on our trip. Truly, the house was perfect. Everyone loved it, and everyone down there was very friendly.
You may want to advise guests that the local pay phones are bizarre at best. We never figured out how they worked.
We advise against going to the casino at the top of the road. While we felt we got a straight hand and deal from the Best Western Casino in town, the casino at the top of the driveway reeled off 26 straight winning hands of blackjack against a full table. That beats the heck out of any probability ratios I've encountered. But we thought the operation at the Best Western was top notch.
We never ate at the same place twice, and the food was great each time. We found the best ambience at Blanco Bar in town.
The canopy tour, river rafting tour, and guided tour of the national park were great.
It was a great trip, and if we come back down to Costa Rica, we would certainly want to stay at your home again.

Mike - 20-27 April, 2002

[You can purchase phone cards at the grocery stores in town and dial direct. There are just a few phones that you can use your calling cards. You can always use the phone in the house to use calling cards (sprint, at&t, mci - check with your calling card company before you travel for Costa Rica access numbers)]

8 May 2002

Thank's for a great trip. One I wouldn't have had except for you and Pete. I really had a great time.

Mom (Terry's) - 2-9 April, 2002

23 - 30 March 2002

Hi Terry and Pete,
I've been meaning to drop you a note since we got back from Costa Rica to tell you how much we enjoyed everything about vacation. In fact, I spent about the last four days trying to come up with a way to move there!
The accommodations worked great for our group. We'll definitely be planning another trip to Costa Rica. Next time, I'll plan on doing almost all of my own cooking.
On this trip, we rented cars and drove from San Jose. I'm glad we did it once, but I won't be doing it again. The traffic going back into San Jose was horrendous (Easter weekend). I'll rent a car in Quepos next time. Plus, I've never seen such drivers!
Hopefully, the feedback you received from your house manager was good! We didn't utilize his services much, but when we needed him, he was very responsive. Thanks again for all your help in planning our vacation. We gave the vacation as a whole a 9.5.
I'm so envious of you both having such a wonderful get-away!

9-16 March 2002

Your home is incredible. The view in the morning from the deck, the pool, the interior, the computer hook up, the t.v., the showers -- it's just an incredible place. It so convenient to everything too -- just a few steps away from some great restaurants and bars -- the bus down to the beach or Quepos was easy when we didn't have the car. And of course, La Playa on the weekends was a good time. We're all still talking about the trip.
- Carter

2-9 March 2002

You guys have ruined my life. I can't stand being [back home]. What a difference in the quality of life. I hope someday I'll be able to afford to spend a lot of my time in a place like Costa Rica. It was like paradise for me. I'm not sure if I should be grateful or hateful. 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow.

Spike - 2-9 March, 2002

[Note: Spike has since purchased a lot and a home in Costa Rica.]

1 March 2002

We certainly enjoyed your home. The welcoming flowers and fruit really set the tone. Your house is beautifully built (actually we were wondering how they did build it...)! The architecture is unusual and your painting it BLUE was a great idea. Thank god for the pool.

Your housekeeper is dear. We all fell in love with her. She was really fast and efficient. She obviously had thought through her job and approached it in a methodical manner. She was always on time and worked straight through. She is a keeper.
Again, many thanks for all of your help, all of your contacts, and your thoughtfulness from fruit and flowers, to a great overview book, to having basic condiments (salt, pepper, vinegar, etc..), so one could cook. As my Taylor would say "Hasta Lasagna."

EMN - 17-23 February, 2002

5 February 2002

I just wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous time in your home. Words or pictures can't describe the spectacular views offered from your property. I had an awesome vacation in Costa Rica thanks to the fact that I had a beautiful home to stay with excellent accommodations. [Your maid] was the best. I really miss her. She's a keeper.

I've referred your website to lots of my friends. I hope they can experience the vacation of a lifetime at your home as I did. I myself WILL return next year.
Thanks again.

David C - Jan 18 - 26, 2002

15 November 2001

Our stay at Gemini Del Pacífico was amazing. The house offered enough room and privacy for our large group. All the details such as the decor, kitchens dishes, and magazines made me feel like I was at home. This is a feeling I've never experienced when staying in a hotel. Also, the fresh fruit, was unbelievable!

The location of the house is so convenient. We enjoyed meals at a few of the restaurants that are in walking distance. We even walked to Manuel Antonio Park one morning. Also, the view from that back of the house is unbeatable; it is definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my trip.
Thanks for everything,
Kevin E

Thank you so much for having us at your place in Costa Rica. I loved every minute of my stay there. This place alone is a reason to travel to Costa Rica. I would come back to Costa Rica just to stay here again.
If I did nothing else the whole week but stayed in this house, I would have been completely happy. The details you have put in this place is impeccable..the comfort of home with accents of Costa Rican decor.
Kristen H - Nov 3 - 10, 2001

16 August 2001

We had a fabulous time on our vacation! The villa is even more spectacular than the pictures (as is the driveway!) The layout of the house was perfect for our group, and the view of the Pacific is awesome.

The concierge made planning our tours positively carefree (with discounts to boot!). We looked forward to his visits. He was extremely conscientious with regard to our comfort and enjoyment of our vacation, and attended to every detail.

The maid was a delight. We hardly knew she was there as she went about her cleaning. My son speaks fluent Spanish, and they seemed to enjoy several lighthearted conversations.

Quepos/Manuel Antonio is a beautiful part of the world. I have been raving about it since I got back. The locals are extremely friendly and accommodating, and we felt very comfortable throughout our travels. The dining was excellent and the eco tours very unique. Just how do you convey the thrill of a "canopy tour" to your US friends?

This is a trip I would certainly do again. Thank you for making our vacation one of the best ever.

Trish - July 28 - August 4

22 July 2001

All I can say is that the internet does no justice to what you have here.

The first thing I would comment on would be the excellent individuals you have working for you. From the pool man to the wonderful ladies that cooked many excellent meals, the maid and of course, the concierge. I can't even start to tell you our thoughts and feelings to express our gratitude to be able to meet and become friends with them. Consider yourself lucky, we do.

What can you say about Manuel Antonio. The area speaks for itself. To try to explain what it is like, would not do it justice. The next time we visit Costa Rica, I feel we'll be starting it in the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area.

We arrived in Costa Rica on Sunday and we were still going 100mph on Thursday, the day we arrived at your place. That night, we laid in bed with the windows open and listened to the rain for 4+ hours before we fell asleep, only to be awakened to the sounds of a howler monkey around 4:30 AM. WHAT A WAY TO WAKE UP! It was not until we spent time at your house, that we were able to slow down to the Costa Rican pace of life - PURA VIDA! Which, we consider this like a 20mph school zone.

On our second day, we did a canopy tour of the rainforest (the one where you are up in the top of the trees and go from one tree to another on a cable.) I thought I would never see the day where Ellen would be screaming like Tarzan while she was going across the forest tree tops. We would recommend this tour for most anyone. The guides were excellent and the food was good at lunch (thumbs up.) Also, the driver Edmond was very thoughtful to offer to spend his Saturday morning to go bird watching. We were unable to take him up on his offer. Next visit it will be a scheduled event with Edmond.

The last night, we decided to cancel the next day's trip to Mal Pais. We didn't want to spend the time driving and riding on the ferry. Sunday morning we spent the time relaxing and getting things in order to leave. While we were loading the truck it started to rain delaying us for at least an hour and 30 minutes. We all stopped and started to enjoy the rain falling on the canopy (what a beautiful sound). The rain finally stopped and to our surprise we had some of the most awesome visitors come to the house. Around 30 squirrel monkeys came to the back deck to eat bananas out of our hands. What a show they put on for us. They stayed around the house for over a hour, allowing Ellen to take some of the coolest pictures.

The stay at your house was the most relaxing time of our life. Thanks for sharing this with us. We will have memories for the rest of our lives. Thanks again. THANKS FOR A GREAT PLACE IN A AWESOME PLACE.

Robert & Ellen - June 21-24

19 July 2001

I can't not tell you how much we enjoyed Quepos and the house. We really enjoyed having both the rain forest and beach to explore. My favorite memory is our last day, the monkeys decided to come bid us farewell at 5:30 am. It was great to have coffee on the deck watching them. One even ventured down to talk to Don (Maybe a long lost relative). I really enjoyed all the people we met. Every one was so friendly. The concierge was really helpful with all we needed.

Take care and if I should return to Quepos, I will always keep you in mind.

Helen June 13-21

1 June 2001

We tried to capture the beauty of your home on film, but frankly, pictures cannot do it justice. Morning coffee on the deck overlooking the jungle with the ocean in the near distance well, it doesn't get much better than that. We loved the location far from the crowds, but handy to lots of good restaurants and shopping. For coffee lovers, a must has to be Café Milagro, which is just a short walk from the house. We stocked up on coffee to bring back with us, and didn't bring nearly enough!
The entire house is kept spotless by your excellent staff; the concierge made sure our stay was without a hitch. The welcoming fruit basket and the beautiful floral arrangement was a splendid touch and a wonderful way to start our vacation.
Oh! And how can we forget the monkeys? How great for us city folks to come so close to nature! Make sure you tell future guests to stock up on bananas!
We're looking forward to our next stay! We highly recommend Géminis del Pacífico for anyone who wants luxury, beauty and total relaxation!
Jeff & Bob May 24-30

21 April 2001

We received your phone message today. Thanks for following up on our trip. It was a wonderful vacation. The house was everything we had hoped from the pictures and description and the ocean view was better than anything in the pictures. We really loved the whole setup. The monkeys were often around and were in full force on the deck one afternoon. I think they liked watching the kids playing in the pool. I have some video of us watching the monkeys watching the kids. We did the canopy tour, which was a real adventure and the sunset sailboat tour, which was very relaxing.

We ate at several of the restaurants on the main road, which were excellent. Byblos across the road even allowed us to swim in the pool as we were waiting for our pizza. We made good use of the local bus service and taxis and we really did not find it inconvenient to be without a vehicle. I would do the same thing next time since you don't have to worry about where to park a car or any damage to it. We saw several sloths, lots of iguanas and several kinds of monkeys. The ones at Manuel Antonio (Capuchin I think) were especially interesting as they were willing to remove items from the bags of any unwary beach goers. The concierge was extremely helpful and was always available if we needed something but not at all pushy. We even got a chance to meet his family, which we enjoyed.

It is amazing that the house can be as close as it is to the surrounding homes and commercial area above and yet when you are on the deck it seems like there is nothing but the rain forest and the ocean around you. It is a great spot. We did wonder if my father and stepmother could have handled the driveway if they had come but it was good exercise for us and the kids. Older people would probably need a car.

[The maid and the maintenance man] were friendly and helpful. We even got a chance to watch a Twins-White Sox game on TV one night. I won't mention the result but it is the same as the rest of their games so far this year. Thanks a lot for all your help and we would be happy to act as a reference for other prospective renters if you need that sort of thing. We would love to come back some time in the near future although we have another commitment next year. I even hope to get the rest of my family involved and perhaps rent one of the adjoining homes in addition to yours. It's a great neighborhood. Thanks.

Scott & Deb April 9 - 16

13 February 2001

We had a great vacation, the house was perfect, especially with the view of the ocean from the pool. All of the services were great, the concierge made the trip very enjoyable. Anything that we were unsure about he handled for us or he pointed us in the right direction. Having him line up the cooks for us made it so nice, not having to deal with going out to a restaurant make things so much nicer. I can not think of a thing to change. I will be talking to you soon about a week for next year.


Jerry Jan 28 - Feb 4

Our stay here at Géminis and in Manuel Antonio was wonderful! A week was definitely too short to explore everything, but I'm sure we'll all come back again at some point. The memories from here are something we'll cherish and hold onto for the rest of our lives. Thank you very much for everything and letting us stay in your beautiful home.
Krystyne M & Scott C

We loved the accommodations at Geminis del Pacifico. The home, the view, all it had to offer was wonderful. We will recommend to others that may decide to go to Costa Rica and do plan on returning. Our schedule is very hectic so it may not be for a year or two. We had a guide for the week so did not call on the House Manager very often other than to see how to dial home. He was very helpful. Thanks and we will contact you upon our return Manuel Antonio. Thanks.
Bergeron / Schmitt – Louisiana USA

The monkeys here were amazing – we saw all 3 kinds anda heard the howlers welcome us the 1st morning and send us off our last morning. Thank you all for making our wedding a very memorable experience.
Lahryn, Hannah & Brent Spencer – Michigan USA