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Casa Mono Tití
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Floor plans for Casa Mono Tití

Casa Mono Tití interior floor plans to scale

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Second Floor plan second floor bath Fullsize Bed Queen2 Bed TV lounge area

Second floor

Third Floor Plan Queen3 Bed

third floor

First Floor Plan soaking tub bathroom1 living room Entryway Dining Room Kitchen Master Bedroom King size bed

first floor

As our stay in your home comes to an end, we are beginning to mope! The week has been amazing. Where else can you take up residence with a friendly sloth & her baby (which we name "Manuel") as well as 3 types of monkeys?
We enjoyed visits from toucans & became friendly bed-fellows with the reptile population. Some of our crew ventured out to snag 2 tuna & a 7 foot sail fish. hopefully, Thomas & Listette enjoyed their share of the tuna. Speaking of whom, both were remarkably helpful. We especially loved Lisette' breakfasts! When she prepared the breakfast, it became a special event of the day that our kids as well as the adults looked forward to.
Kathryn, Nick, Ana, Miles, Jadon Jim, Zan, Ty, Tina
PS Monkeys came by for daily visits & we're pleased to say that they did so without being fed.